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Cork Pops Refills

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The Cork Pop refills are the perfect way to keep your Cork Pop openers topped up for entertaining guests. Packaged in two canisters, they are easy to store away for future use, and each canister will open up to 50 bottles before needing replacing. Made from gas so there is no smell or taste, you can feel safe knowing that your wine is safe.

Cork Pops Gas Corkers are a must-have for all wine enthusiasts. Whether you're traveling the world, hosting a dinner party, tailgating or just popping open a bottle of wine to enjoy with lunch, these cork removers make getting a good cork every time a no brainer! The wine cork is compressed and push down into the bottom of the canister where it stays for a few moments. Then a gentle pull on the lever releases it from its hiding place. Once released, a simple flip of the canister and you're now holding two halves of your now opened bottle stopper


Free Standard Delivery

Free Returns on all orders