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Descorjet Champagne Opener

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The DescorJet Champagne Opener brings a touch of luxury to your next bottle of champagne. This elegant and simple solution makes opening a bottle of champagne easier and safer than traditional openers and corkscrews. As the phrase goes: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" - so why not bring a touch of luxury to your next get-together or celebration?

You still get the satisfying 'pop' but without the hassle and danger of traditional opening. Simply remove the foil and wire, place the opener over the cork, push down onto the neck of the bottle and squeeze the handle to extract the cork. 

The DescorJet works by exerting force on the cork through the neck of the bottle. This allows you to extract the cork with minimal effort, preserving both bottle and cork. One push down onto the neck of the bottle, another squeeze of the handle and then sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite tipple.

The DESCO DescorJet Champagne Opener is the fastest and simplest way to open your champagne. No training or skill required, just set it over the bottle, give it a squeeze and the cork will come out in one simple effortless movement.

The DescorJet allows you to enjoy an elegant bottle of bubbles at home or to take out on picnics without the hassle involved in using traditional corkscrews.


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