Mini Travel-Size Wine Aerator

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Let it breathe, anywhere!

Two things go hand in hand in this world, traveling and wine. The same could be side about most good things in life and wine. Just try it: friends and wine, get-togethers and wine, boat rides and
wine (drink responsibly here!).

But traveling is interesting for the wine aficionado. You can travel to wherever the best wines are, be it the beautiful Barossa or the stunning Margert River regions. Yet, can you take the one wine aerator that will reveal its true flavours with you?

Well, now, you can. The mini travel sized wine aerator is a portable version of the wine tasting gadget. It might be small but it's fully functional.

Its reduced size allows for a comfortable handling. Just place it over the glass. The liquid will first pour on the mini wine aerator’s chamber, where it’ll soak on the air it draws.

Air drawn into the small but efficient chamber of the mini wine aerator will allow the wine to truly open up to you.

A completely new tasting bouquet revealed into the very first sip. A different, smoother savouring while going down. And previously unknown, hidden afternotes that you could not taste without it.

Stop waiting more than half an hour for a wine to breathe after opening the bottle. Enjoy it faster!

Get a mini wine aerator! All in all, the mini wine aerator opens the doors on new flavours wherever you take it.