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Üllo Wine Purifier

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Remove sulfites. Aerate. Enjoy!

The first of its kind, and new to Australia, the Üllo Wine Purifier instantly restores the natural taste of wine by naturally removing unnatural sulfite preservatives.

The Üllo purifier simply rests comfortably on top of a variety of wine glasses, carafes, and decanters. Simply pour your wine through Üllo's patented filters to remove sulfites. Each filter purifies 1 standard 750ml bottle of wine. After serving, Üllo can be returned to its base designed to capture any unruly drips.


  1. Insert filter into Ullo
  2. Set aeration setting
  3. Place Ullo on top of decanter, carafe, or glass
  4. Pour wine slowly through purifier to remove sulfites
  5. Discard used filter and wash Ullo by hand or in dishwasher


  • Filter sulfites with Selective Sulfite Capture technology™ , and restore your wine to its natural state.
  • Unlock the pure flavours of wine by removing strong bitter flavour of unnatural sulfite preservatives.
  • Ullo was designed to purify and aerate wine in the same pour - with a simple twist, you can opt to aerate your wine if desired.
  • Breathe life into reds, or maintain the balance of whites.


  • Modular design that rests on any standard wine glass
  • Patented adjustable on/off aerator
  • Silicon display base to capture stray drips
  • Easily disassembles


  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Travel bag
  • Silicone display base
  • 4 Selective Sulfite Capture™ single bottle filters
  • Instruction booklet
  • Wine glasses, carafes, decanters shown in pics are not included (sold separately)


The purification power of Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology combines with an adjustable wine aerator in a single, intuitive design that respects the simplicity and ritual of wine.

Sulfites are artificial chemicals added to wine as a preservative and are no longer needed once the bottle is opened.

Üllo purifies wine using a food-grade polymer to selectively remove sulfites while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected.

Through Selective Sulfite Capture™, sulfites are filtered to reveal more of the wine's natural flavors and aromas.





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